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Abadi & Co.’s culture is built around delivering excellence. Each day we come to work as a team, focused on how we can create value for our clients by developing and executing compelling solutions that enable them to meet their financial and strategic objectives. This drive to find solutions creates an exciting and challenging working environment. Our boutique model ensures that dynamism and an entrepreneurial spirit are championed, rather than weighed down by excessive bureaucracy. Our decision to focus on three areas of specialization ensures that we only accept assignments where our expertise and relationships allow us to deliver significant value.

Our culture demands professionalism, resourcefulness, integrity and accountability, from everyone in our team. These are not just buzz-words: they are fundamental characteristics we hire for and continually develop in our people. We also seek team members who are clear communicators and who can bring intellectual rigor, focus and discipline to their role. We get to work on groundbreaking, first-of-their-kind deals, in a very international environment; and we collaborate, to make the most of the shared skill-set within the firm. We particularly enjoy the satisfaction and privilege which comes from being a trusted advisor to our clients.

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We are not currently hiring for specific positions, but we always welcome résumé submissions. Please be sure to include a cover letter, which explains why you would like to join our team and how you can help us achieve our goal of delivering compelling solutions to our investment banking clients.


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