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Explore Abadi & Co.’s investment banking experience and expertise in the Middle East, one of the firm’s main focus regions.

Middle East

Our team has been active in the Middle East for many years and offers a range of investment banking services to companies, governments, financial institutions and investors throughout the region. We also serve outside investors and strategic buyers looking to enter or expand within the region. Our firm’s offering combines regional knowledge, expert advice and structuring acumen to deliver compelling solutions to our clients.

The Middle East has been a center of trade and commercial activity for hundreds of years and that tradition continues today. Despite some major challengesincluding low oil-prices and geo-political turmoilthe Middle-East remains an important economic area and home to over 355 million people. Our team is committed to supporting our clients in the region as they seek to grow their businesses and economies. Abadi & Co. serves the major business centers of the Middle East, such as Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Amman, Beirut and Istanbul and has a strong history of advising clients in the Levant.

Within the region, we advice clients, across many industries, on a wide-range of investment banking transactions, including:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Debt & Equity Capital Markets issues
  • Recapitalizations
  • Restructurings and Special Situations

Building on our global financial institutions specialization, our team has developed strong expertise assisting Middle Eastern banks with acquisitions, both within the region and globally. We have also worked with local banks to develop unique solutions for raising Basel III compliant CET1 capital, in close conjunction with local regulators. Our clients value our structuring expertise and our excellent relationships.

In addition to financial institutions transactions, our skilled team is particularly adept at providing restructuring & special situations advisory services, offering advice to companies and governments in moments of severe crisis or distress. Our boutique model allows us to offer these clients independent advice with discretion and ensures senior team involvement in all assignments. Our nimbleness is also appreciated as we mobilize our team of advisors at short notice, aiding our clients in times when they need urgent assistance. We can cater our advice to the specific conditions and regulatory environment of each country, never treating two countries or companies as the same.

Our Team’s Work in the Middle East

  • Non-Dilutive CET1 Capital Increase
  • Perpetual Convertible Sub Loan (US$100m)
  • Structurer/Placement Agent 2015
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  • EM Central Bank
  • Liability Mgmt Excercise (US$2bn)
  • Structurer/Placement Agent 2013
em central bank logo
  • MENA Bank
  • European Bank Acquisition
  • Buy-side Advisor (2016)
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  • Kingdom of Jordan
  • Liability Mgmt Exercise (US$200m)
  • Structurer/Buyback Agent/Placement Agent 1991
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Debt & Equity Capital Markets

Our debt & equity capital Markets advisory services are a core offering of our business and leverage our team’s extensive experience within this field. We are particularly well-known for our debt & equity capital markets work which relates to financial institutions, emerging markets or restructuring & special situations. We advise companies, governments and financial institutions on a full-range of debt and equity transactions, both public and private. Our team analyses each client’s alternatives in order to develop an optimal financing solution specifically catering to their unique circumstances. We deliver impartial advice to our clients regarding the best financing option that provides optimal terms and pricing. 

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise buy-side and sell-side clients from around the world on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. These clients value our specialized expertise in transactions which touch upon emerging markets, financial institutions or restructuring & special situations. Our experienced team has extensive cross-border experience and provides advice on a wide-range of transactions, including highly-complex deals which utilize our team’s sophisticated structuring capabilities. Our boutique model ensures that we are unencumbered by many of the conflicts of interest faced by larger firms. We assist sell-side and buy-side clients with evaluating all courses of action. We also provide special advisory services to boards and other stakeholders.

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Financial Institutions

The impressive financial institutions expertise of our team enables us to assist banks, insurance companies, brokerages and asset managers in achieving their financial and strategic objectives and overcoming their most perplexing challenges. We are focused on solutions and steadfastly protect our clients’ interests. A sole area of industry specialization is financial institutions: this translates into a depth of knowledge and advisory capability that differentiates us from non-specialist firms. Within the financial services sector, we provide advice on a wide-range of investment banking assignments, including: mergers & acquisitions, debt & equity capital markets issues, recapitalizations and restructurings & special situations. 

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Restructuring & Special Situations

Our team’s core expertise includes restructuring & special situations. We are experienced working in volatile and distressed situations and leverage our extensive expertise in restructuring and special situations to assist clients in overcoming major financial challenges, in often difficult and unique circumstances. We provide our independent restructuring & special situations advisory services to companies, governments, boards, shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders. Abadi & Co. professionals have advised on restructuring & special situations transactions worth many billions of dollars and possess deep technical and analytical skills, enabling us to provide high-value solutions to complex capital structure issues. Our clients choose to work with a specialist boutique because they benefit from round the clock access to a senior advisor and due to the caliber of the team they interact with. Our team works with clients to understand their problems and goals, before providing them with a range of possible actions, including innovative, tailored solutions. 

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