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Carlos Abadi Joins Financial Times EM Panel

New York, NY – The FT Debt Capital Markets Outlook Conference took place today at the Grange St. Paul's Hotel in London, UK. The event, organized by the Financial Times and The Banker brought together investors, central bankers, fund managers, primary dealers, issuers, market strategists and industry thought leaders to explore and debate the 2015 outlook for debt capital markets, “the new normal” and the role of central banks in the present environment. The opening keynote address was delivered by Peter Praet, Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank and a market update was provided by acclaimed Financial Times, Chief Economics Commentator, Martin Wolf, CBE.

ACGM's President and CEO, a pioneer in the Emerging Markets sector since its beginnings in the 1980s, sat on the Emerging Markets and Emerging Asset Classes panel, alongside respected industry peers: Brett Diment, Head of Emerging Market Debt, Aberdeen Asset Management; Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden, CEO and Chief Economist, Arabia Monitor; and Colm McDonagh, Head of Emerging Market Fixed Income, Insight Investment. The panel was moderated by the Financial Times Emerging Markets Editor, James Kynge. 

The panel discussed a range of Emerging Markets topics, including the likely consequences of diverging monetary policies in the U.S. and the Eurozone and the strong-dollar implications for sovereign and corporate emerging markets issuers.  In addition to offering his views on the above subjects, Mr. Abadi led the discussion regarding Argentina and the economic and investment environment post-Kirchner. He argued that the government elected (whichever government that may be) in October 2015 will lead to a gradual and incremental improvement in the business and economic environment. He suggested that this new environment will materialize through a combination of some or all of the following: improved economic management; return of offshore capital; growth in domestic banking and capital markets; improved relations with multilateral financial institutions; improved diplomatic relations; and resolution of the holdout saga. Mr. Abadi also discussed the Venezuelan debt dynamics and the policy tools available to the Venezuelan government to avoid a default on its sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt (PDVSA) within the next two years.

Other panels and topics of discussion at the conference included: post crisis monetary policy; debt allocation in an upside down world; regulatory developments on the horizon and the impact on liquidity levels; economic developments in the Euro area; and the end of US QE. The conference provided a high level platform for industry experts and practitioners to exchange ideas on the latest developments in debt capital markets and the broader global economy. ACGM’s participation alongside esteemed commentators and industry peers is a reflection of the firm’s highly respected Emerging Markets expertise. ACGM’s senior professionals have decades of experience advising clients on the Emerging Markets.

About Abadi & Co.

Founded in 1991, Abadi & Co. is an investment banking boutique which specializes in three core areas: emerging markets, financial institutions and restructuring & special situations. By focusing on these three areas of expertise, Abadi & Co. has built a team of independent specialists–Fluent in Finance®–who serve as powerful advocates for clients, focused on protecting their financial interests and delivering practical, high-value financial solutions. The Abadi & Co. team prides itself on its ability to guide clients through difficult and groundbreaking transactions, even in situations where the structuring complexities and challenges would have thwarted others.

Abadi & Co.’s experienced team works on a range of transactions, including mergers & acquisitions, debt & equity capital markets issues and recapitalizations. It caters to a global client base which includes companies, governments and financial institutions, across North America, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. The firm’s specialization approach means that it only takes on engagements if they fall within one or more of its core areas of expertise, allowing it to assign a strong team to every engagement, providing clients with the attention and intellectual capital they deserve. The firm’s clients appreciate having direct access to a senior banker 24/7; they value the discretion of Abadi & Co.'s smaller team and are relieved of the conflict of interest concerns inherent in working with larger investment banks, which often look to cross-sell other products and services. In order to prevent conflicts of interest, and to ensure the independence of the firm's advice, Abadi & Co. does not conduct trading or manage investments. 

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