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ACGM Trades Over $4bn of Emerging Market Eurobonds

New York, NY. – ACGM, Inc. (“ACGM” or “the Firm”) announced today that in the first two months of 2013 the Firm traded over $4bn dollars of Emerging Market Eurobonds.  ACGM’s fixed income trading volumes have increased significantly this year partly as a result of a strategic review conducted in 2012 which sought to realign the firm in order to take advantage of higher margin opportunities and business lines where ACGM’s knowledge, expertise, and relationships offer the Firm a distinct advantage. By focusing on its strength’s, ACGM believes it can deliver greater value to its global client base.   

Commenting on the year-to-date trading volume in Emerging Market Eurobonds, ACGM’s President and CEO, Carlos Abadi, expressed his satisfaction at how the recent high trading volume had been handled.  

“The large volume of trading in Emerging Market Eurobonds is a result of our clients’ trust in ACGM’s ability to reliably and professionally execute large trades across global markets”.  

In late 2012, ACGM began making markets in the debt securities of a selection of European and Emerging Market Corporates. ACGM’s fixed income trading business continues to expand trading predominately in Treasury securities, Municipal bonds, Corporate debt, and Foreign Sovereign debt. The Firm’s bid/offer prices can be viewed through any Bloomberg terminal by entering ACGM <GO>. The fixed income trading desk can be reached at +1 212-750-4237.

About Abadi & Co.

Founded in 1991, Abadi & Co. is an investment banking boutique which specializes in three core areas: emerging markets, financial institutions and restructuring & special situations. By focusing on these three areas of expertise, Abadi & Co. has built a team of independent specialists–Fluent in Finance®–who serve as powerful advocates for clients, focused on protecting their financial interests and delivering practical, high-value financial solutions. The Abadi & Co. team prides itself on its ability to guide clients through difficult and groundbreaking transactions, even in situations where the structuring complexities and challenges would have thwarted others.

Abadi & Co.’s experienced team works on a range of transactions, including mergers & acquisitions, debt & equity capital markets issues and recapitalizations. It caters to a global client base which includes companies, governments and financial institutions, across North America, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. The firm’s specialization approach means that it only takes on engagements if they fall within one or more of its core areas of expertise, allowing it to assign a strong team to every engagement, providing clients with the attention and intellectual capital they deserve. The firm’s clients appreciate having direct access to a senior banker 24/7; they value the discretion of Abadi & Co.'s smaller team and are relieved of the conflict of interest concerns inherent in working with larger investment banks, which often look to cross-sell other products and services. In order to prevent conflicts of interest, and to ensure the independence of the firm's advice, Abadi & Co. does not conduct trading or manage investments. 

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