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Learn about Abadi & Co.’s three core areas of specialist investment banking expertise: emerging markets, financial institutions and restructuring & special situations.

Our Expertise

Our investment banking boutique is built upon three main areas of specialist expertise: emerging markets, financial institutions and restructuring & special situations. Within each of these areas, we offer a range of services. Our team is ideally suited to advising clients on matters that touch upon one or more of our areas of specialization, and each team member contributes to a wealth of collective knowledge and experience in our areas of concentration. Our specialties are where our strengths lie, and we cater to a growing client preference for dealing with experts, rather than generalists.

Our team’s decades of experience and depth of knowledge within our specializations provide valuable insights to our clients, as they contemplate financial and strategic alternatives for overcoming their challenges and achieving their goals. By specializing, we ensure the value we bring to clients is substantial. Our high level of expertise allows us to develop unique and often groundbreaking solutions when needed, building upon our formidable structuring capabilities.

While we remain steadfastly focused on our core areas of expertise, our multi-disciplinary team has the broad range of skills which are necessary to serve our clients’ needs and deliver effective solutions: our team includes analysts, structurers, quants, and corporate finance experts.

If a client approaches us with an assignment where we don’t think we can add significant value, we are candid and refer them to a more suited advisor. The quality of the expertise we provide is extremely important to us; it builds trust and ensures the longevity of our client relationships.

Our Team’s Work

  • Refco (USA)
  • Chapter 11 (US$49bn)
  • Advisor to Litigation Trust and Private Actions Trust (Ongoing)
refco logo
  • Minera Autlan (Mexico)
  • Covenant Renegotiation (US$80m)
  • Financial Advisor 2015
autlan logo
  • Newland International Properties (Panama)
  • Chapter 11 (US$220m)
  • Plan Solicitation Agent 2013
trump logo
  • WL Ross & Co.
  • European Bank Acquisition
  • Buy-side Advisor 2013
wl-ross logo
  • Non-Dilutive CET1 Capital Increase
  • Perpetual Convertible Sub Loan (US$100m)
  • Structurer/Placement Agent 2015
em bank logo
  • EM Central Bank
  • Liability Mgmt Excercise (US$2bn)
  • Structurer/Placement Agent 2013
em central bank logo
  • Allied Irish Bank
  • Settlement Negotiation (Sub Liabilities Order) (EUR€10.4m)
  • Principal Investor/Lead Negotiator
aib logo
  • The Bakery Group, LLC (USA)
  • Valuation
  • Financial Advisor 2013
paul logo
  • MENA Bank
  • European Bank Acquisition
  • Buy-side Advisor (2016)
mena bank logo
  • Province of Mendoza (Argentina)
  • Debt Restructuring (US$500m)
  • Advisor/Restructuring Agent 2005
mendoza flag
  • Republic of Bulgaria
  • Liability Mgmt Exercise (US$300m)
  • Structurer/Buyback Agent 2004
bulgaria crest
  • National Bank of Hungary
  • Liability Mgmt Exercise (US$200m)
  • Structurer/Buyback Agent 1990
hungary seal
  • Vnesheconombank (Russia)
  • Debt Restructuring (US$31.7bn)
  • Joint Advisor to Russian Federation London Club debt 2000
vnesheconombank logo
  • Kingdom of Jordan
  • Liability Mgmt Exercise (US$200m)
  • Structurer/Buyback Agent/Placement Agent 1991
jordan crest
  • VIP4 Fund (Germany)
  • Tender Offer (EUR€394m)
  • Principal Investor and Syndication Agent 2008
vip fund logo
  • BII Creditanstalt
  • Settlement Negotiation (US$320m)
  • Advisor to Creditors' Committee 2002
creditanstalt logo
  • Alfa Group (Mexico)
  • Debt Buyback and Debt-to-Equity Swap (US$120m)
  • Buyback Agent 1988
alfa logo
  • Royal Dutch Shell (Chile)
  • Debt-to-Equity Swap (US$90m)
  • Arranger 1985
shell logo
  • Motorola
  • Debt-to-Equity Swap (Mexico)
  • Advisor and Arranger 1986
motorola logo
  • Zenith Electronics
  • Debt-to-Equity Swap (Mexico)
  • Advisor and Arranger 1986
zenith logo
  • Pilgrim's Pride (Mexico)
  • Debt-to-Equity Swap (US$15m)
  • Advisor/Arranger 1986
pilgrims logo
  • Zagrebacka Banka (Croatia)
  • Debt-to-Equity Swaps (various)
  • Advisor/Arranger 1988-1991
zagrebacka logo
  • Splitska Banka (Croatia)
  • Debt-to-Equity Swaps (various)
  • Advisor/Arranger 1988-1991
splitska logo
  • Ljubljanska Banka (Slovenia)
  • Debt-to-Equity Swaps (various)
  • Advisor/Arranger 1988-1991
ljubljanska logo
  • RJR Nabisco, Inc.
  • Divestiture of Uruguayan Subsidiary
  • Sell-Side Advisor 1986
rjr nabisco logo
  • Vitro (Mexico)
  • Debt Buyback
  • Buyback Agent 1980s
vitro logo
  • Cydsa (Mexico)
  • Debt Buyback
  • Buyback Agent 1980s
cydsa logo
  • IUSA (Mexico)
  • Debt Buyback
  • Buyback Agent 1980s
iusa logo
  • AXA (Mexico)
  • Debt Buyback
  • Buyback Agent 1980s
axa logo
  • Grupo Salina (Mexico)
  • Debt Buyback
  • Buyback Agent 1980s
banco salina logo
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Emerging Markets

We draw upon decades of experience across Latin America, Europe and the Middle-East, in order to deliver financial and strategic solutions to our clients’ challenges. Whether a recapitalization, merger, acquisition or debt/equity capital issue, our team is at home structuring transactions involving emerging market assets and exposures. Where necessary, we invest the resources and intellectual capital required to develop groundbreaking, first-of-their-kind solutions for our clients. We are well-connected within the emerging markets where we focus, having developed strong relationships with emerging market companies, governments, financial institutions and regulators.

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Financial Institutions

The impressive financial institutions expertise of our team enables us to assist banks, insurance companies, brokerages and asset managers in achieving their financial and strategic objectives and overcoming their most perplexing challenges. We are solutions focused and steadfastly protect our clients’ interests. A core area of industry specialization is financial institutions; this translates into a depth of knowledge and advisory capability that differentiates us from non-specialist firms. Within the financial services sector, we advise on a wide-range of investment banking assignments, including mergers & acquisitions, debt & equity capital markets issues, recapitalizations and restructurings & special situations.

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Restructuring & Special Situations

We are experienced working in volatile and distressed situations and leverage our extensive expertise in restructuring and special situations to assist clients in overcoming major financial challenges, in often difficult and unique circumstances. We provide our independent restructuring and special situations advisory services to companies, governments, boards, shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders. Abadi & Co. professionals have advised on restructuring and special situations transactions worth many billions of dollars and possess deep technical and analytical skills, enabling us to provide high-value solutions to complex capital structure issues.

Clients who work with Abadi & Co. benefit from around the clock access to a senior advisor and a team that works to understand their problems and goals, before providing them with a range of possible actions, including innovative, tailored solutions.

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