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A specialized investment banking boutique, focused on emerging markets, financial institutions and restructuring & special situations.

Our Firm

Abadi & Co. was built to be a different kind of investment bank. We are a specialized boutique, focused and nimble. By specializing in three core areas of expertise–emerging markets, financial institutions and restructuring & special situations–we have catered to our clients’ stated preference for working with expert advisors. We focus only on mandates which fit our expertise, allowing us to assign a strong team to every engagement, providing clients with the attention, depth-of-knowledge and intellectual capital they deserve. Abadi & Co. does not accept mandates where we don’t feel we can add significant value, and we have structured the firm so that all our clients have direct access to our most senior and experienced team members.

Our firm serves companies, governments and financial institutions, advising them on how to overcome some of their most difficult financial challenges and how to take advantage of growth opportunities. We strive to identify and execute practical solutions in a straightforward manner; however, we do not shy away from complexity where it is necessary. We thrive in volatile, distressed and idiosyncratic situations—developing intelligent, thoughtful solutions.

The Abadi & Co. team has worked on many groundbreaking and first-of-their-kind transactions. We develop and evaluate alternative solutions for our clients and then execute whichever is optimal. Our singular focus on investment banking ensures that we are not preoccupied with cross-selling other products and services to our clients. In order to prevent conflicts of interest, and to ensure the independence of our advice, we do not conduct trading or manage investments.

Professionalism, integrity and accountability are fundamental to the way we in which we work. Team members are selected and developed to ensure these traits permeate throughout the organization. These qualities, along with intellectual rigor, focus and discipline, are vital to delivering excellence.

Our Team’s Work

  • Refco (USA)
  • Chapter 11 (US$49bn)
  • Advisor to Litigation Trust and Private Actions Trust (Ongoing)
refco logo
  • Minera Autlan (Mexico)
  • Covenant Renegotiation (US$80m)
  • Financial Advisor 2015
autlan logo
  • Newland International Properties (Panama)
  • Chapter 11 (US$220m)
  • Plan Solicitation Agent 2013
trump logo
  • WL Ross & Co.
  • European Bank Acquisition
  • Buy-side Advisor 2013
wl-ross logo
  • Non-Dilutive CET1 Capital Increase
  • Perpetual Convertible Sub Loan (US$100m)
  • Structurer/Placement Agent 2015
em bank logo
  • EM Central Bank
  • Liability Mgmt Excercise (US$2bn)
  • Structurer/Placement Agent 2013
em central bank logo
  • Allied Irish Bank
  • Settlement Negotiation (Sub Liabilities Order) (EUR€10.4m)
  • Principal Investor/Lead Negotiator
aib logo
  • The Bakery Group, LLC (USA)
  • Valuation
  • Financial Advisor 2013
paul logo
  • MENA Bank
  • European Bank Acquisition
  • Buy-side Advisor (2016)
mena bank logo
  • Province of Mendoza (Argentina)
  • Debt Restructuring (US$500m)
  • Advisor/Restructuring Agent 2005
mendoza flag
  • Republic of Bulgaria
  • Liability Mgmt Exercise (US$300m)
  • Structurer/Buyback Agent 2004
bulgaria crest
  • National Bank of Hungary
  • Liability Mgmt Exercise (US$200m)
  • Structurer/Buyback Agent 1990
hungary seal
  • Semper US RMBS Opportunity REIT, Inc. (USA)
  • Private Placement (US$19m)
  • Managing Dealer 2013
semper logo
  • Vnesheconombank (Russia)
  • Debt Restructuring (US$31.7bn)
  • Joint Advisor to Russian Federation London Club debt 2000
vnesheconombank logo
  • Trunity Holdings (USA)
  • PIPE
  • Placement Agent 2013
trunity logo
  • Kingdom of Jordan
  • Liability Mgmt Exercise (US$200m)
  • Structurer/Buyback Agent/Placement Agent 1991
jordan crest
  • VIP4 Fund (Germany)
  • Tender Offer (EUR€394m)
  • Principal Investor and Syndication Agent 2008
vip fund logo
  • BII Creditanstalt
  • Settlement Negotiation (US$320m)
  • Advisor to Creditors' Committee 2002
creditanstalt logo
  • Alfa Group (Mexico)
  • Debt Buyback and Debt-to-Equity Swap (US$120m)
  • Buyback Agent 1988
alfa logo
  • Crunchies Food Company (USA)
  • Equity Private Placement
  • Placement Agent 2012
crunchies logo
  • Global Exchange Technologies (USA)
  • Debt Issue
  • Loan Arranger 2013
gxt logo
  • Royal Dutch Shell (Chile)
  • Debt-to-Equity Swap (US$90m)
  • Arranger 1985
shell logo
  • Motorola
  • Debt-to-Equity Swap (Mexico)
  • Advisor and Arranger 1986
motorola logo
  • Zenith Electronics
  • Debt-to-Equity Swap (Mexico)
  • Advisor and Arranger 1986
zenith logo
  • Linkstorm (USA)
  • Equity Private Placement
  • Placement Agent 2012
linkstorm logo
  • Inventergy (USA)
  • PIPE
  • Placement Agent 2013
inventergy logo
  • Pilgrim's Pride (Mexico)
  • Debt-to-Equity Swap (US$15m)
  • Advisor/Arranger 1986
pilgrims logo
  • Zagrebacka Banka (Croatia)
  • Debt-to-Equity Swaps (various)
  • Advisor/Arranger 1988-1991
zagrebacka logo
  • Splitska Banka (Croatia)
  • Debt-to-Equity Swaps (various)
  • Advisor/Arranger 1988-1991
splitska logo
  • Ljubljanska Banka (Slovenia)
  • Debt-to-Equity Swaps (various)
  • Advisor/Arranger 1988-1991
ljubljanska logo
  • RJR Nabisco, Inc.
  • Divestiture of Uruguayan Subsidiary
  • Sell-Side Advisor 1986
rjr nabisco logo
  • Vitro (Mexico)
  • Debt Buyback
  • Buyback Agent 1980s
vitro logo
  • Cydsa (Mexico)
  • Debt Buyback
  • Buyback Agent 1980s
cydsa logo
  • IUSA (Mexico)
  • Debt Buyback
  • Buyback Agent 1980s
iusa logo
  • AXA (Mexico)
  • Debt Buyback
  • Buyback Agent 1980s
axa logo
  • Grupo Salina (Mexico)
  • Debt Buyback
  • Buyback Agent 1980s
banco salina logo

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